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Allergy Information

What if I have an allergies?

The businesses using the service are required to state all allergies for each item served on their menus. These are displayed as icons underneath each item.

If you are unsure of any allergy information provided, please contact the takeaway directly.

Who can guarantee my meal is suitable for my allergies?

The suitability of your meal falls solely with the takeaway you are ordering from. does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of individual takeaways menus.

I feel allergy information provided by a takeaway is incorrect. What can I do?

All menu and allergy information is provided to during the setup process, and we ensure the accuracy of every item is correct at the time.

Individual takeaways are responsible to provide any updated information to their customers.

If you feel there may be incorrect information provided, contact the takeaway directly in the first instance. If the response you receive is unsatisfactory, please contact us, and we do our best to assist.

How do I get in touch with a takeaway?

Contact details for takeaways are displayed on their contact pages, and also in the footer of their menus.

Are food businesses required by law to provide information about allergens?

All food businesses are required to provide information about allergens.

The businesses using are independent entities.

I have a question about allergens which isn’t covered here. Who do I contact?

If you have any questions not covered above, please contact us via email at